June 24th 1987, Briançon, France

Snowboard cross rider
Winner of the World Cup

ranking in 2008 / 2010 / 2012
19 podiums in World Cup including 14 victories

Web: pierrevaultier.com



“Bollé is a reflection of the performance that I look for in sports. Thanks to The quality, the comfort of the products and the diversity of lenses, I can adapt myself at all the situations and that's why i can say, that I win with Bollé but also thanks to Bollé!”


My snowboarding is a philosophy of life.
From an early age it gave me an open mind by rewarding the values and constraints of the sport. Therefore, I learned early on to organize my time between school and sporting career for me today to continue my studies in Geography.

I was on the skis from 2 year to 5 years, but I went naturally to snowboarding and later to the competition (giant slalom and snowboard cross)
My sporting career is the perfect reflect of my way of life, get the best and make everything to keep it!