04/10/1989,  Annemasse (FRA)

All disciplines skier (DH, SG, GS, SL)
Top discipline: GS
7 victories / 11 podiums in World Cup
GS gold medalist – WM Schladming 2013
GS bronze medalist – WM Garmisch 2011
Gold medalist Team Event – WM Garmisch 2011
GS bronze medalist – Junior WM Formigal 2008

Web: tessaworley.net



“It’s racing and fashion at  the same time, very up to date! I’m sure to be on the course with high performance equipment, that I trust completely. And it’s nice!”


My mother Mad, from France, and my father Steve, from Australia, put me on skis when I was just two years old. With my parents and younger brother Johnathan, I lived my childhood constantly in winter season, as we moved in from France to New Zeland every six months.

When I was seven years old I joined the Grand-Bornand Ski Club. Now I am still a member, as I live in this little beautiful Alps ski resort.